Robert Handzel Consulting is a small but quickly growing company, set on April 2015th. We work in 3 fields of construction market which are: design, BIM and construction, and we are trying to combine them. Thanks to it, we offer more complex service, and considering our company is still small one, we offer flexibility and competetive prices. Our offer is channeled especially to invetors, who are looking for congeneric investment service, which could embrace all life phases of building starting from planning, going through design and construction to execution. We invest in IT, automation and knowledge to have our service quality level allways on high level.


BIM modelling & drafting

We offer modelling structures in Revit including steel structure, LGSF, concrete, masonry, timber and more. Parametic documentation including coordinated drawings with model, intelligent tagging, 3D isometries, exploded 3Ds and schedules.

BIM coordination

Building models for coordination including all branches like architecture, structure, mechanical installations and electrical equipment + cable trays. We provide report with graphical representation of each issue. This method will decrese amount of physical collisions.

BIM managment

4D schedule means 3D + time factor = better understanding and control over CPS.

BIM design

All our structural designs are made in BIM formula. We offer also complete design packages done in BIM. Our documentation is always coordinated, based on 3D model. Client receives design documentation and 3D model (IFC).



If you need a team who will take off heavy weight of responsibility connected with construction supervising and commissioning in scope of structure, you may consider our offer. We will work on your project with your contractors to enhance quality, safety and work tempo. Also you will acquire full documentation of issues and recommendations.


If you need a reliable company to handle all activities connected with investment, you will find us helpful. We are good at working on complex projects including constructions conducted inside working factory which demand great timing and preparation to prevent from stopping operations.


We offer building project management which gives you a buffer between you and general contractor. We are focused on delivering project fast, cheap and in expected quality. We can help you in various phases starting from planning, design and later in construction and commissionin.


We offer full package of design including project management with a focus on construction. We design as we would construct it in next phase by our own, which makes our documentation easy to utilitize and help keeping construction cost within budget.


MOBILE: 790 509 886